Transcript Information

Office of the Registrar

Transcript Requests

Official and unofficial requests for transcripts must be submitted using the PDF form below, signed with appropriate
information, and fees included. Requests should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office at Sacred
Heart Seminary and School of Theology (SHSST) via mail or email (

For an official request the transcript is issued in a sealed envelope, printed on blue
security paper, validated with the embossed school seal and registrar’s signature, and date of
issue. If photo copied, COPY will appear across the face of the document.

For an unofficial request the transcript is issued on white paper, sent to the student requesting a
copy, and validated by registrar’s signature and date.

Unsigned transcript requests cannot be processed.

Transcripts will not be issued if a student has a financial obligation to SHSST. Sacred Heart School of Theology does not issue copies of transcripts or other documents received from other institutions.


Transcript requests must include:

  • Full name (previous name, if it has changed since leaving SHSST)

  • Current address

  • Daytime phone number or e-mail address

  • Approximate dates of attendance

  • Name and address of each institution and/or person to whom a transcript is to be sent

  • Fee per transcript request

Transcript Request Form


  • $10 each for regular service.

  • $25 each for rush service (processed within 24 hours of arrival) using U.S. Post Office, $35 each for rush service using FedEx overnight delivery within the U.S.*

  • $60 each for rush service using FedEx overnight delivery outside the U.S.*

    *If the cost of postage exceeds these prescribed fees, the actual cost of postage plus labor will be charged. 

Send transcript requests to:
Registrar’s Office
Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology
7335 S. Hwy 100, P.O. Box 429
Hales Corners, WI 53130-0429