Why trust sacred heart

Ms. Monica Misey

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

  • M.A., Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology
  • M.B.A., Vanderbilt University
  • B.A., University of Virginia


Hi, I’m Monica Misey, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “Why Trust Sacred Heart” is a key question for sponsors considering sending their seminarians to us, and we work very hard to earn and keep that trust.  I hope you come visit so you can see for yourself, but until then, here are my top five reasons:

Sacred Heart is a seminary that can meet students where they are.  We collaborate with a Catholic university for those students who need to finish their undergraduate work.  For students who are advanced, we can offer both the Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts degrees. We have had students who already have a PhD, but need English skills. We can do that too!





That brings us to the breadth of programs we have.  Our breadth of programs is not only on the academic side but the spiritual, human and pastoral as well.  We faithfully follow the Program of Priestly Formation developed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. For residential students, we can provide all four pillars of formation; for commuting students, we collaborate with their formation advisors. Some religious orders that send us students prefer to provide spiritual formation in their own house nearby, or in a designated wing. We can do that too. More importantly though, because of our size, we know each other.  When forming men for priesthood, this is invaluable.



Our seminary has a robust liturgical life. If you can visit in-person, you can feel it throughout the day. I cringe when I hear about seminarians studying English at a secular school when they can study here. We are intentional about helping our international students learn the language and the culture, liturgically specific, and with spiritual formation available in several languages.  We also have a strong Hispanic Studies Program and our own center for Jewish & Catholic studies.  And, we have fun, immersing the students in the culture, as you can see by these photos.



We have experiential learning opportunities.  Students need to be out among the people as well as in the classroom, and some of the most transformative learning can take place out in the world where students will be ministering.  Every summer, we offer a trip to the Holy Land that is part archeological dig and part pilgrimage. Other experiences have included our trip to the Vatican Observatory as part of a Science in Seminaries grant, as well as a border experience around the issue of immigration.




Ask our students and the fifth reason is that this place becomes home.  When you walk in these doors, you are welcomed, sincerely and generously. The faculty and staff get to know every student, focusing on preparing students for  their future ministries, even in changing and challenging times.

There are more reasons, so I hope you visit or contact us.  I would be happy to talk with you about how we can work together to Conform our World to the Heart of Christ.