Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology Special Online Course Offering:


Relational Leadership: Potential and Practice in Pastoral Settings, Dr. Julie O’Connor, Lecturer

Open to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee at a special audit rate of $250

Summer Session: June 20 – August 5, 2022

In this course, students will define relational leadership, and identify basic model characteristics and qualities.
Students will examine various topics including: leadership theory, dimensions of relational leadership,
personal leadership strengths, ethical leadership, group dynamics, and organizational culture. Students will recognize and assess their own leadership traits and skills. Emphasis will be placed on the practice of leadership in lived experiences of pastoral settings.

This course is online and asynchronous. The standard 2-credit tuition rate is $1,280, the standard audit rate in $640.
For any interested Catholic in the Milwaukee Archdiocese, we are offering a special audit rate of $250.

The registration form can be found here. Please send your completed registration form to our Registrar, Laura at or contact her for assistance at 414-858-4647.