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Need faculty for lectures, workshops or retreats?  Several of our faculty are happy to provide that service to our sponsors.  Check the list below for ideas. Talks can be virtual or in-person, where you need us or here at the seminary. Please contact Ms. Monica Misey, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, to book a speaker.

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Dcn. Steve Kramer

Director of Recruitment/Director of Homiletics/Associate Professor, Pastoral Studies

Deacon Steve Kramer, M.A., D.Min., is the Director of Homiletics and Associate Professor of Pastoral Studies. In addition, Deacon Kramer teaches homiletics for the Permanent Diaconate Formation program of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Deacon Steve is a nationally known retreat master and speaker on preaching/communication topics including end of life care. Deacon Steve will prepare and deliver a custom presentation for your institution/community geared towards preaching, communication, pastoral needs or any other ministerial topic for seminarians, priests, the diaconate community, lay ministry, or catechetical training programs. Deacon Steve is a writer for "the Deacon" magazine and speaks nationally, offering clergy convocations, retreats, and parish minissions.

Phone: 414-858-4767

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Dr. Robert Gotcher, Ph.D.

Director of Accreditation and Assessment Services

Robert F. Gotcher, Ph.D, OFS is the Accreditation Specialist and Title IX Coordinator at SHSST. He has a doctorate in theology from Marquette University (2002). He has been a professed secular Franciscan since 1990. He is a censor librorum for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Dr. Gotcher is available for individual talks and multi-session presentations at one- or multi-day conferences or retreats on a diversity of topics, including: religious education, home schooling, Catholic higher education, Catholic culture (literature), life issues, Catholic social teachings, the theology of the body, family and parenthood, Vatican II, classic spirituality, and apostolic movements.

Phone: 414-529-6980

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Dr. James Stroud

Associate Professor, Moral Theology

James W. Stroud, S.T.D. is an Associate Professor of Moral Theology at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology. His expertise includes Thomas Aquinas’ moral theology and special issues in moral theology. He has delivered presentations for church groups on prolife issues and on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Stroud will prepare and deliver a custom presentation for your institution/community focusing on a Catholic approach to any general or specific moral issue for seminarians, priests, the diaconate community, lay ministry, or catechetical training programs. (Sample issues: building a culture of life, abortion, euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide, end of life decision-making, vaccinations, prenatal testing, faithful citizenship, just war and peace, death penalty, consumerism, the environment, marriage and family life, the role of virtue and morality, happiness/beatitude and the Christian life, living out the Beatitudes, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit)

Phone: 414-858-4636

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Dr. Mike Brummond

Associate Professor in Systematic Theology

Dr. Mike Brummond holds a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (S.T.D.) and a Licentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.) from the University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein Seminary. Mike is currently assistant professor of systematic studies and Director of the MA program. Mike has a broad teaching repertoire in systematic theology and beyond, but tends to concentrate on sacramental and liturgical theology. Topics Dr. Brummond is familiar with are listed below.

• The Theology of the Liturgy of the Hours
• The Role of the Lay Faithful in Offering the Sacrifice of the Mass
• The 20th Century Liturgical Movement and the Liturgical Renewal of the Second Vatican Council
• The Word of God in the Domestic Church and the Promotion of the Sacred Liturgy
• A Theological Walk through the Order of Baptism of Children
• Rediscovering the Rite of Penance
• IVF: Why Not?
• Talks for parents of children in sacramental preparation
• Talks tailored to a group's needs on topics of Catholic doctrine, practice, or apologetics

Phone: 414-858-4661

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