Science Pilgrimage to the Vatican Observatory in Tucson, Arizona – Seminarian Homilies

Ariel Orozco – “The Universe Reveals the Grandeur of God

Brian Sarnecki – “Where is Our Place for Faith in this World?

Edward Sanchez – “Baptism and Science

Hung Pham – “Amazing Stars

Jerry Land – “Genesis and Science

Joel Seipp – “On Faith and Science

Jonathon Schmeckel – “Distant Stars, Close God

Jordan Berghousse – “Lord Help Me See!

Matthew Bowe – “The Nighttime Sky

Matthew French – “Humility Before the Creator

Octavio Trejo-Flores – “Jesus: King of the Universe

Patric Nikolas – “God Speaks to Us Through Everyone and Everything We Encounter

Patrick Magnor – “Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Guardian Angels: The Wonders of the Natural and Supernatural World

Paul Hoang – “On Light and the Transfiguration

Pedro Ruiz Aular – “Faith and Science as Two Hands

Tim Schumaker – “Light of Science, Light of Christ

Tonny Kizza – “Creatures are Good Because They Lead Us to God