Rev. André Papineau, SDS

Rev. Andre Papineau, SDS
Professor emeritus
M.A., The Catholic University of America
M.A., University of Notre Dame

Special interest: Life transitions; Stories and storytelling based on biblical passages


  • Homilies to Transform Hearts and Minds (Resource Publications, 2010)
  • Godawful: Connections Between Biblical Journeys and Life Transitions, Fall 2004
  • Jesus Stories for the Losers, The Lost, And The Least, October 2000
  • Jesus and the Kingdom of Nobodies, March 2000.
  • Passages on the Spiritual Journey, 1999.
  • Celebrating Life in Liturgy, May 1998.
  • Breaking Up, Down and Through: Discovering Spiritual and Psychological Opportunities in Your Transitions, 1997.
  • Holding One Another; Being Separate Together, 1996.
  • Transitions Thresholds of Spiritual Awakening, 1994.
  • Sermons for Sermon Haters, 1992.
  • Let Your Light Shine, 1990.
  • Jesus on the Mend, 1989.
  • Lightly Goes the Good News, 1989.
  • Biblical Blues, 1989
  • Breakthrough, 1988

Fr. Papineau is a well -known presenter, speaking to audiences throughout the United States on numerous topics but particularly on transitions and storytelling.


  • Academy of Homiletics
  • Catholic Association of Teachers of Homiletics