Rev. Vien V. Nguyen, SCJ

  • S.T.D., Santa Clara University
  • S.T.L., Santa Clara University
  • Th.M, Santa Clara University
  • M.Div., Catholic Theological Union


“Extending the Boundaries of Gender and Ethnicity in the Wilderness: A Spatial Reading of the Ethiopian Eunuch Narrative in Acts 8:26-40.”

Special Interests:

NT: Luke-Acts; Matthew and the Torah; gender and ethnicity in biblical literature and the ancient Mediterranean world; spatiality in biblical studies; women in the Bible.

OT: Hebrew Prophets


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  • Nguyen, Vien V. 2020. Review of Being Subordinate Men: Paul’s Rhetoric of Gender and Power in 1 Corinthians, by Brian J. Robinson. Catholic Biblical Quarterly 82.3 (July 2020), pp. 523-24
  • Nguyen, Vien V. 2020. Review of Jesus the Samaritan: Ethnic Labeling in the Gospel of John, by Stewart Penwell. Review of Biblical Literature 06/2020.
  • Nguyen, Vien V. 2020. Review of The Lord’s Supper in Corinth in the Context of Greco-Roman Private Associations, by Jin Hwan Lee. Review of Biblical Literature 03/2020.
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