Your Seminary for Religious Seminarians

Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology (SHSST) is trusted by religious communities across the United States and internationally. Formation programs are tailored to the needs of religious communities.

Sacred Heart is a respected seminary that prepares men who need to learn English, brothers who want to become priests, and men who need to complete undergraduate studies efficiently. SHSST provides a rich, supportive formational environment, enabling men to thrive among their peers, filled with zeal and excitement for serving the Church.

SHSST’s esteemed faculty members have years of experience in using the seminarians’ diversity as an asset in the classroom. For example, seminarians are encouraged to draw on their community’s particular charism in course assignments and classroom discussions.

At the same time, human formation incorporates an explicit awareness of the seminarian’s life as a member of a religious community.

As an apostolate owned by the Priests of the Sacred Heart, SHSST has flexible, yet rigorous programs built on the Program for Priestly Formation.

Looking for your own formation house? Sacred Heart offers a beautiful home that is located just a few steps away from the main academic building. This five-bedroom, recently renovated house is perfect for multiple seminarians from your religious order living together in community. 

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Religious Orders

A special message for religious orders.

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A Special Message for Religious Orders

Religious communities entrusting SHSST with priestly formation or English and Culture Studies include:

  • Bannakaroli Brothers
  • Community of St. Paul
  • Congregation of St. Francis Xavier
  • Congregation of the Mission
  • Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Discalced Augustinians
  • Discalced Carmelites
  • Franciscan Friars Minor
  • Glenmary Home Missioners
  • Jesuits


In the diversity of peoples … the Church expresses her genuine catholicity.

— Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium  

  • Order of Friars Minor, Conventual
  • Order of St. Benedict
  • Pallottine Fathers and Brothers
  • Priests of the Sacred Heart
  • Saint Francis Xavier Foreign Mission Society
  • Servants of the Paraclete
  • Society of Christ
  • Society of Our Mother of Peace
  • Society of the Divine Savior
  • Trappists

Special expertise

English as a Second Language Bridge Program

For students learning English en route to seminary studies, the SHSST ESL Bridge Program is designed to provide a smooth transition, while including full participation in the prayer life of the seminary.

  • Includes reading, writing, grammar, oral communication, accent modification, and cultural understanding.
  • As progress allows, bridge students take ESL and M.Div. courses simultaneously, and ESL instructors assist with language aspects of M.Div. class assignments.

Hispanic Studies Program

Sacred Heart offers a program in Hispanic studies to prepare seminarians to meet the ministry needs of Hispanic Catholics in the United States. The program reaches across the pillars of spiritual, human, intellectual, and pastoral formation.

Options range from familiarization with Spanish language and Hispanic religious expressions to instilling Spanish language proficiency for ministry. Intensive summer language programs, either abroad or in a domestic immersion setting, are available.

Archeology and pilgrimage in the Holy Land

Seminarians and others may join SHSST Scripture faculty on summer research excavations in Israel, participating directly in the illumination of new knowledge about the biblical times. The trip includes daily Mass and prayer, and includes visits to other key sites in the Holy Land, including Jerusalem.