Immigration Connection for Sponsors

Part of the dynamic and global Roman Catholic Church, SHSST forms men from all over the world to become priests who will heal our fractured world. We are proud to have a significant international student population. Over 20% of our MDiv students are in the U.S. with a student visa.


The Student and Visitor Exchange Program (SEVP) is a branch of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and that governs the immigration process for our non-resident international students. Although our sponsors have very qualified and capable attorneys, we have found that immigration lawyers are often unfamiliar with SEVP policies and practices. Over the past year, and starting with hiring of dedicated staff for our international student program, SHSST has worked to improve the immigration process for our sponsor and students.


SHSST’s Immigration Connection program improves communication, increases transparency and reduces the difficulties of working within the immigration system. The program has four components:

1. Connect: Each year, starting with fall of 2021, sponsors are invited to a virtual immigration workshop. An annual virtual workshop will discuss changes, trends and paths to citizenship.

2. Inform: Written immigration guide, designed for our sponsors.

3. Plan: Immigration plan for each F1 visa student.

4. Communicate:

a. Immigration Connection: web page on the SHSST website
b. Quarterly Connection: immigration news printed in the sponsor newsletter
c. Quick Connect: immediate email when there are significant changes that will impact your students


Program participation is limited to current sponsors. Each sponsor will receive an outline of the student visa process, key steps, contacts and an invitation to the Immigration Connection program. For more information, please contact

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Immigration Connection

SEVIS Workshop