Faculty Development UW-Milwaukee Planetarium Visit – Nov. 6, 2019

In addition to the book colloquia, the project leaders also organized a faculty visit to the UW-Milwaukee planetarium in conjunction with a mandatory faculty development session (two per academic year). Our science advisor, Dr. Jean Creighton, once again welcomed us and presented a private showing of “Birth of the Universe” with an extended session of stargazing and Q&A. Over twenty faculty attended with great enthusiasm. The leaders also invited Dr. Paul Strycker, Associate Professor of Physical Sciences at Concordia University and Catholic astrophysicist, to join faculty for the show and dinner afterwards. Dr. Strycker provided recommendations for stargazing telescopes, which the seminary has purchased through the grant. The seminary plans to continue to reach out to both Dr. Strycker and Dr. Creighton for future stargazing opportunities with faculty and seminarians.