Dr. Robert F. Gotcher

Dr. Robert F. Gotcher
PhD, Marquette University
MA, University of St. Thomas (St. Paul)

Dissertation: “Henri de Lubac and Communio: The Significance of de Lubac’s Theology of the Supernatural for an Interpretation of Gaudium et Spes

Special interests:

  • English Catholic Revival, Catholic Education, Catholic Social Teachings, Ecclesiology, counterculture, de Lubac, marriage and family life, intellectual life,Latin, Lewis, liberal education, life issues, Liturgy, ecclesiastical movements, Pop culture, Prayer, ressourcement, sexuality, spirituality, theology of the body, Vatican II,
  • Research Focus: Nature, the supernatural, and Grace; The biblical roots of the liturgy; modern issues in sexuality; Gaudium et spes; the method of pro-life activism; spirituality and psychology. Catholic education


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  • Fellowship of Catholic Scholars
  • Secular Franciscan Order
  • University Faculty for Life

Contact: (414) 529-6980