Deacon Steve Kramer

Deacon Steve Kramer
D.Min. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
MA, Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Huntington, NY

Dissertation:  “A Post Ordination Seminar in Effective Preaching for Roman Catholic Deacons”

Special interests:

  • Homiletics
  • Ecumenical relations
  • Diaconate ministry
  • End of life care/communication



  • Designed, initiated and brought to fruition The Third Annual SHSST Preaching Conference: “Hearing the Hebrew Scriptures with a Heart for Homiletics”. There were 42 priests, deacons, faculty, and members of the Jewish community from Milwaukee and around the country who attended.  The conference had presentations from both Jewish and Catholic clergy.  A total of seven presenters shared their expertise in Jewish exegesis and preaching.  (January 6-8, 2020).
  • Designed, initiated and brought to fruition The Second Annual SHSST Preaching Conference: “Preaching Profound Possibilities in the Lukan Parables”. There were 51 priests, deacons and seminarians from around the country who attended. The conference was designed to dovetail with the “Power of Parabolic Meaning” USCCB grant that Dr. Russell received.  There were five presenters who shared various implications of parables in the preaching task.  (January 7-9, 2019).
  • Designed, initiated and brought to fruition through a six month process:  The First Annual SHSST Preaching Conference.  Over 60 Priests and Deacons from around the country attended a two and a half day conference which featured a national speaker as the keynote presentation as well as five breakout sessions led by priests and deacons of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. January 2018.


  • “The Spirituality of Preaching”  a two-and-a-half-hour presentation for the priests and deacons of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (Continuing Formation of Clergy). It was held at the Mary Mother of the Church Pastoral Center in St. Francis, WI. (November 5, 2019).
  • “Reflection on Pain and Healing: Deacon and Deacon Wives Listening session on the Clergy Abuse Crisis”.  The one-hour presentation was on ways to address the sexual abuse issue from the pulpit as well as pastorally. The talk was given at Holy Apostles Church in New Berlin, WI. (September 21, 2019).
  • End of Life Issues”. Jana Kramer, RN, CHNP and Dcn. Kramer gave a presentation at St. John the Baptist parish in Plymouth, Wisconsin.  There were 25 participants who attended our talk on pastoral and palliative care for the sick and dying. (August 10, 2019).
  • “Supporting those Who Grieve” at St. Matthew Church (Oak Creek, WI) Dcn. Kramer presided and preached an extended talk at the annual Spring Prayer Service for the Bereaved.  All who have lost a loved one in the past year were invited. (May 16, 2019).
  • Pastoral Care and Communication from Life to Death to New Life”.  Dr. Cindy Nosacek MD, Jana Kramer RN, CHNP (my daughter) and Dcn. Kramer gave a two-and-a-half-hour presentation for the Continuing Formation of Clergy for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  The presentation focused on communicating and ministering to those who are critically ill and/or dying and their families/caregivers.  Issues were looked at from the perspective of physician, hospice nurse and pastoral care director/chaplain.  The lecture was given at the Cousins Center, St. Francis, WI. (March 19, 2019). 
  • “Service and Preaching: A Diaconal Perspective”.  A three day retreat for the deacons and wives of the diocese of Superior, WI.  Presented in Marathon WI.  (October 26-28, 2018).
  • “Sent as an Instrument of God’s Mercy” Blessed Sacrament Parish, Erie, PA.  Address to the diaconate community of the diocese of Erie. (October 20, 2018).
  • “Preaching God’s Word in Tragic Circumstances”.  Continuing Formation of Clergy – Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Addressing suicide, long term dementia, accidental death, murder, military death and drug overdoses.   St. Francis, WI.  (October 2, 2018).
  • “Discipleship: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.  Presentation to the liturgical ministers, staff and clergy at St. James parish in Franklin, WI. (January 31, 2018).
  • “Intimate Moments – Effective Communication at the End of Life”.  “Day of Recollection for All SHSST Seminarians”.  SCJ Conference Center at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology. (November 1, 2017).
  • “Working Together to Bring Christ to Others”.    Presentation to the parish staff and heads of ministry at St. Alphonsus Church in Greendale, WI.  (September 9, 2017).
  • “Chosen and Called to the Diaconate”  A five day Canonical Retreat for the eleven candidates who were ordained to the Permanent Diaconate for the Diocese of Portland, Maine on September 16, 2017.  Presented at the retreat house of the Brothers of Christian Instruction in Alfred, ME.  (June 24-28, 2017).
  • “An Evening for Lectors”.  Holy Apostles Church in New Berlin, WI.  (May 31, 2017).
  • “Preaching the Paschal Mystery through the Christian Funeral Rites”.  Continuing Formation of Clergy – Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  Preaching at the funeral Mass, funeral services outside of Mass, services at the funeral home, wake services and committal/burial services.  (March 20, 2017).
  • “Mercy and Forgiveness in Lent and Beyond”.  A Lenten talk to the SCJ community at Monastery Lake in Franklin, WI.  (March 23, 2017).
  • “Bringing Mercy and Forgiveness to others”.   People of faith sharing mercy, compassion and forgiveness with family members, neighbors and co-workers. St. Matthew Parish in Oak Creek, WI (March 4, 2017).
  • “Preparing For the Coming of Jesus: Preaching During the Season of Advent”.  Continuing Formation of Clergy – Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  Preparing a preaching plan for the Advent season.  St. Francis, WI.  (October 25, 2016).
  • “Effective Preaching: What’s In Your Toolbox?”  Continuing Formation of Clergy – Archdiocese of Milwaukee.   Critical verbal and nonverbal skills necessary for preachers to effectively communicate with their congregations (February 9, 2016).
  • “Comforting the Afflicted” Presentation at St. Jerome’s parish in Oconomowoc, WI for those engaged in hospital, nursing home, home visitations and St. Vincent de Paul home visits.  (January 16, 2016)
  • “How Do We Bring Christ To Others As Men Of Faith” Bringing Christ to others in schools, work place, sports and various parish ministries. St. Alphonsus parish in Greendale, WI (Saturday, March 5, 2016).
  • “The Homily” What is a homily?  How it is constructed?  What are our current seminarians are being taught in today’s preaching classes.  Christ King Parish – Wauwatosa, WI.  (October 23, 2016).

Presentation and Homilist:

  • Preached at the weekend liturgies at St. Frances Cabrini, Saint Mary’s Immaculate Conception and Holy Angels parishes in West Bend, WI and was their guest speaker at the 10-year Anniversary of the Mary Queen of Angels Adoration Chapel celebration.  In honor of this anniversary Dcn. Kramer gave a presentation on Saturday and another on Sunday regarding Eucharistic Devotion, Adoration, Benediction and Exposition.  (February 9-10, 2019).


  • Annual Diocesan Retreat for Milwaukee, Wisconsin:  Gave the annual Diaconate retreat for the deacons of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in addition to several members of the diocese of Madison, Wisconsin.  The title of the retreat was “A Diaconal Response to Rebuilding Spirituality and Community in Our Time”.  I gave a total of Four presentations and preached the closing Mass.  The retreat was held at the Redemptorist Retreat Center in Oconomowoc, WI.   A total of 50 participants who attended.  (November 5-7, 2021).
  • Annual Diocesan Retreat for Tucson, Arizona:  Gave the annual Diaconate retreat for the deacons of the diocese of Tucson, Arizona. The title of the retreat was “Rebuilding Faith and Spirituality in a 21st Century Post-Covid Church: The Deacon as First Responder”.   I gave a total of 6 presentations and preached the closing Mass.  Retreat was held at the Redemptorist Retreat Center in the Sonoran Desert outside of Tucson.  A total of 70 participants (deacons & wives) attended. (October 1-3, 2021).
  • “The Spirituality of Diaconal Preaching” Dcn. Kramer preached the annual retreat for the deacons and wives of the diocese of Portland, ME.  There were forty people attending the retreat.  He five, two-hour presentations on the Transformative power of preaching God’s Word.  The event was held at the Marie Joseph Center in Biddeford Pool, ME.  (October 18-20, 2019).
  • RCIA retreat for St. Matthew’s parish in Oak Creek, WI. The candidates’ focus was on God’s continuing call of conversion in their lives.  The retreat was held at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, in the IHM chapel.  (March 23, 2019).
  • Men’s pre-Lenten retreat for the Holy Name Society of St. Matthew’s Parish in Oak Creek, WI.  The focus was “Listening to Jesus in Prayer, Scripture and Adoration”.  Twenty-five men were present for this Saturday gathering.  (February 23, 2019).

Conference Presentation:

  • Presentation: Diaconate Community of the Diocese of Tucson, Arizona (online). Gave a two-and-a-half-hour interactive workshop (via Zoom) addressed to the twenty newly ordained deacons of Tucson. The title of the presentation was, “Diaconal Spirituality and Identity”. (Saturday, November 13, 2021).
  • National Online Presentation: In conjunction with The Jordan Ministry Team (A Collaborative Ministry of the Salvatorian Family). Gave an (online) interactive workshop for deacons across the country entitled, “Preparing for the Coming of Jesus: Preaching During Advent”. This one-and-a-half-hour presentation concentrated on the season of Advent as a time of waiting and preparation, and how the preacher looks at the themes of the season to craft homilies which address the need for hope. (Sunday evening, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm, November 21, 2021).
  • Gave a one-and-a-half-hour presentation with Rabbi Steven Adams (of Milwaukee) at the Third Annual SHSST Preaching Conference.  The lecture was entitled: “The Binding of Isaac – Did Abraham Pass the Test?  Homiletic Insights on Genesis 22”.  Held at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology in Hales Corners, WI (January 6-8, 2020).
  • Preaching the Parables in Everyday Life” a one hour talk on  at the Second Annual SHSST Preaching Conference. Held at Sacred Heart seminary and School of Theology in Hales Corners, WI.  (January 8, 2019).

Diaconate Convocation:

  • Led and preached the diaconate convocation for the permanent deacons of the diocese of Marquette, Michigan.  The theme was “What’s in Your Homiletical Toolbox”.  There were five, two-hour presentations on various aspects of preaching the Word of God to thirty-five attendees.  The event was held at the Terrace on the Bay Hotel in Escanaba, Michigan.  (October 24-26, 2019).


  • CATH (Catholic Association for Teachers of Homiletics)
  • Governing Board Member of the Lux Center for Catholic Jewish Studies

Contact: (414) 858-4767