Sacred Heart School of Theology

Priestly Degree and Formation Programs

Master of Divinity Pre-Theology
Master of Divinity
An accredited graduate program of priestly formation, buildt around the USCCB's Program of Priestly Formation, 5th Ed., including the pastoral, intellectual, spiritual and human formational pillars.
Pre-Theology / B.A.-M.Div.
The Pre-Theology Program is for candidates who do not have the necessary undergraduate, or philosophical and theological credits. The B.A.-M.Div. is a combined six-year undergraduate/graduate program of priestly formation, for those entering the seminary without a bachelor's degree.
Certificate Program
A program of priestly formation similar to the Master of Divinity Program, for students who do not have a bachelor's degree.

Master of Arts Program

Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology (SHSST) offers two distinct master of arts degree paths, Cor Unum (One Heart), and Lumen Cordis (Light of the Heart). Each provides outstanding opportunities for lay students to enrich their faith lives and their ability to serve God’s Church. Specifically, the SHSST M.A. Program strives to provide a deep exploration of the meaning of the Christian faith in today’s world. More ...
Master of Divinity Master of Divinity
Cor Unum (One heart)
A cohort model master of arts degree path that includes interships, immersion experiences and spiritual formation in addition to dynamic course work. More ...
Lumen Cordis (Light of the Heart)
A flexible MA pathway, that offers the flexibility to pursue a program of study tailored specifically to each studentís needs. Most Lumen Cordis classes take place during the day alongside seminarians. More ...

Specialized Programs

Hispanic Studies English as a Second Language
Hispanic Studies
Designed to prepare seminarians and others for
effective ministry within Hispanic cultures.
English as a Second Language
A program for religious, diocesan and lay church ministers at all levels of proficiency who are seeking to improve their English skills. Sacred Heart also offers an intensive, proven Accent Modification Program.
lux Bethsaida
The Lux Center
The Lux Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies is a program office within Sacred Heart that works to promote interfaith dialogue through public programs and through priestly formation.
Holy Land Archeology Project
SHSST is the only Catholic seminary in the United States sponsoring an archeological dig in the Holy Land. Seminarians travel to Israel with SHSST faculty to paricipate in the dig during the summer.
Sabbatical Continuing Education
Sacred Heart offers a wide range of opportunities for theological renewal and spiritual revitalization.
Continuing Education
A variety of theological, scriptural, spiritual courses and programs that promote individual growth.