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Cor Unum

SHSST has developed an ambitious new program, Cor Unum, to equip the laity with the theological knowledge and discernment abilities to make a meaningful difference in the world.

We created this program because we as a Church and society today need, more than ever, the restoring presence of Christ in our world. That means that all Catholics are all called to be ever more dedicated in our discipleship, and, in particular, to do our best to help heal our fractured world.

lammers defenseBut dedication alone is not enough. Cor Unum is a master of arts degree program meant to cooperate with God’s grace, acting through a small, hand-selected cohort of men and women who are committed to building the Kingdom of God.

You’re invited

We’re looking for bold, courageous people of faith from the Milwaukee area, willing to commit their effort and energy to receiving the gifts instilled by the Cor Unum program. Further, they should be willing to commit to using those gifts to advance the Catholic principle of making the world better by bringing people close to God, and thus to each other.

Hear from current Cor Unum students

This is a highly selective program. SHSST will identify, from among the applicants, a cohort of 10 to 12 dedicated participants. The aim is to bring together a diverse group of Catholics with a wide range of faith perspectives and backgrounds.

The course is structured to accommodate the needs of busy people.  Face-to-face classes for this program will meet one evening a week, and participants will do other coursework online.  At the end of two years, they will earn a master of arts degree. We have secured scholarship funding so that the program is very affordable.

Program Components

The Cor Unum program is designed around the question: Where is God’s love most desperately needed in today’s fractured world and how is God calling me to be an instrument of God’s heart and hands?  To answer this question, this initiative dynamically engages the wisdom in the Christian faith and Church teaching so that the active work of God can be discerned within modern culture and the Word of God can continually transform it. This program is thus an expression of the New Evangelization.

MA in classThis program has been carefully constructed to fit into the lives of busy people with work, family, and other demanding responsibilities.  Journeying through the program as part of a cohort of 10-12 students, participants progress through a structured sequence of academic courses, mentored internships, and immersion experiences.  These educational components are purposely organized to foster the integration of Catholic theological concepts to real world and pastoral contexts.  Employing dynamic adult learning methodologies, Cor Unum is a 33-credit M.A. program that is completed in 22 months.


Students attend evening classes just one day a week. Using the flipped classroom model (i.e., recorded instructor lectures viewed online prior to class), face-to-face classroom time is devoted to active engagement between experienced teachers and students, with a proactive focus on the students’ growth in understanding and skills. Academic support systems ensure the success of students who have been away from the classroom for a while and/or are new to theological studies. 

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Mentored internships develop the student’s ability to communicate Christ’s love and message, as well as the capacity to generate healing and reconciliation. Mentors are priests, deacons, religious, lay ecclesial ministers, or other appropriate professionals.  Ideally, students incorporate the internship project into current pastoral work or professional duties in order to streamline time commitments and enable greater integration of theory and praxis. 


An immersion experience is tailored to the individual student’s personal or professional goals.  Immersion options range from visiting the Holy Land and participating on an archaeological dig, to service with a social service agency that addresses a pressing need in our community, to engaging in intensive training for serving as a pastoral minister.  The immersion experiences stretch, deepen, and even transform the student’s commitment to Jesus Christ.   

Spiritual Formation

The Cor Unum Initiative is much more than just an academic degree program.  It is a life-changing experience.  Through a yearly retreat and monthly formation sessions, the participant’s faith in Jesus Christ will be enlivened. Through a unique program called “The Powerful Question,” you will gain a greater sense of God’s will and purpose for your life.  Through the use of cutting-edge training techniques, you will develop your leadership abilities.  Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and reflection on the urgent needs of the poor connects the Eucharist with justice.  You will thus become a disciple whose heart will be enflamed with God’s love and power. 
All of this will be done in community.  You will develop supportive relationships with your fellow travelers – other students in your cohort and the faculty.  You will become part of a graced community that activates the love of God!

Program Highlights

  • Conducive to the schedule of busy people with demanding responsibilities
  • Classes just one evening a week
  • Student support services for the adult learner returning to the classroom
  • Learning together with a diverse class group
  • Practical real-world learning
  • Strong Interaction with non-U.S. cultures
  • Study abroad opportunity in Israel
  • Affordable with significant tuition scholarships
  • Highly respected, accredited institution
  • Faith-filled learning context

For further information contact Julie O'Connor, registrar, (414) 529-6974 or e-mail or apply on line.

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