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News: Scholarships are available for all Fall 2019 Cor Unum students. Rolling admissions will be accepted until April 30, 2019. Click below or call to find out more about this program!

Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology’s Cor Unum (One Heart) MA pathway is designed for students who seek to evangelize and heal a fractured world, putting the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church into action.  Each student asks: Where is God’s love most desperately needed, and how is God calling me to be an instrument of His heart and hands?

Cor Unum builds bonds among members of a cohort and with faculty, creating a vibrant community that will endure past graduation.   About 12 students journey together through a pre-determined 22-month program to complete a 33-credit Master of Arts degree.

For further information contact:
Dr. Mike Brummond
Director of MA Program
(414) 858-4661

Program Costs and Financial Aid

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Cor Unum incorporates three facets of learning designed to fit the schedules of busy people who work during the day.

  • Classes: Students attend face-to-face evening classes once a week on Monday evenings, supplemented by online learning.

  • Internships: Apostolic outreach develops the student’s ability to integrate theory and practice. Often, students incorporate the internship project into current pastoral work or professional duties.

  • Summer engagement: Each student will select his or her own personal summer experience, with related academic reading and writing. Options range from an archaeological dig in the Holy Land, to service with an agency that addresses a pressing social need, to coursework preparing the student for lay ministry in a parish. 

Apostolic and Spiritual Engagement

Beyond its academic and experiential components, Cor Unum is designed to give students a greater sense of God’s purpose for their lives, identifying the question that drives them, and helps them become missionary disciples whose hearts are inflamed with God’s love. Cor Unum thus includes a focus on spiritual development and reconciliation.  One Saturday per month, the cohort meets for Mass, a shared meal, and spiritual and academic enrichment. 

Cor Unum by Semester

    First fall semester
    • Cornerstone 1: Scriptural Foundations, Fundamental Theology 
    First spring semester
    • Cornerstone 2: Jesus in the New Testament, Christ and Church
    • Immersion Learning Experience
    Second fall semester
    • Cornerstone 3: Fundamental Moral Theology, Sacramental Theology
    • Oblation Internship
    Second spring semester
    • Cornerstone 4: Social Ethics, Faith and Culture
    • Reparation Internship
    May Session
    • Capstone Project and Portfolio

Student Testimonials

Cor Unum students talk about why they're in the program and what the expect to get out of it.

For further information contact:

Dr. Mike Brummond
Director of MA Program
(414) 858-4661

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